Protective Sleeve from 70 to 4200 mm Plugs

These heavy-duty protective sleeves are ideally suited for massive and large operations by considerably extending life of the pipe plugs. They also offer additional puncture resistance and protection from damage caused by sharp objects in the pipe. Sleeves are very easy to install and are made according to the needs of specific plugs. The diameter range is from 50 to 2000 mm.

Hand Pump

Part number: HP01

Hand Pump Adaptor

Part number: HPA01

Foot Pump a Piston

Part number: FP02

Foot Pump Dual Piston

Part number: FP01


Inflation Controller

Inflation Hose

Inflations hose coated rope

Push Stick

Hand pump extension hose

Part number: HPH01

Air and water test adaptor

Water hose

Hose with manometer for test with air

Controlled air filling apparatus HBT01

Water gauge for water test